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Elan Kramer Childress M.A.C.Y. Awards Laguna Beach, CA

Tell us about your family.

I come from a family that values and appreciates the arts. Some of my earliest memories are of going with my entire family to see the local symphony perform… Because everyone in my family plays an instrument, it is hard to go a day without hearing at least one person practicing. Music fills the halls of my home, and I am so fortunate to come from a family with a deep appreciation for music. My brother is a junior at the New England Conservatory of Music, where he is majoring in trombone performance. I support my family by attending as many of their performances as possible.

Who are some of your role models in entertainment?

Some of my favorite actors are Marlon Brando and Joan Crawford. And, I am constantly in awe of the work of Meryl Streep… As a vocalist, I look up to Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra, and the movie-musical star, Gordon Macrae... They have the grace to make the art of singing appear effortless. And, as a musician, I am truly moved by the work of Yo-Yo Ma and Jean-Pierre Rampal, my idol as a flute player.

Why is performing important to you?

Each month, I play flute in my synagogue at Sabbath services, and I also sing and perform regularly at a local retirement home. For me, these are the most rewarding performing opportunities. It is such a privilege to see the joy that music and theater brings to people… If my work can touch the soul of another human being and allow its audience to feel something, then I have fulfilled my job as an artist.

Special Skills

8 years of flute training, sight reading, basic piano, Spanish/Hebrew

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