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Elizabeth Romero John Raitt Awards for Youth Fountain Valley, CA

What did you do to get into character for your part?

In the Academy for the Performing Arts 2012 Spring production of "Damn Yankees," I was given my most challenging leading role as the “iconic” Lola. This experience was a tremendous responsibility, testing my acting skills by portraying a seductive siren totally unlike myself... I spent long nights in rehearsals developing my version of Lola who had to make a believable transition from the Devil’s sidekick into a good and caring friend.

The process of building Lola took a great amount of research and extra hours outside of rehearsal… I watched old clips of the movie… and read any articles I could find to try and see through the eyes of Lola. It was a journey developing her very specific character, figuring out how she would say the lines or move about the stage, given her personality, her job, and her over 250 years of experience as the Devil’s personal “home-wrecker-on-staff”. Getting under her skin also took a lot of growth on my personal side, as I had to explore different sides of my own personality, and become more confident in my own skin so that I could provocatively fit well into hers.

Special Skills

Piano (10 years), songwriting & composing, computer skills, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Tap, can raise left eyebrow at will

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