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Emily Nies SpotLight Musical Theatre Program Vadnais Heights, MN

In what ways have you contributed to your theater program?

One of my strong areas of leadership in our theater program is in dance. Having a dance background, I am able to help by leading the dance warm-ups before our choreographer arrives, or help other students with certain dance steps… I also organize additional dance rehearsals for anyone who feels the need for extra help… I’m a leader in all aspects of theater on and off the stage. I work diligently and try to set a good example for the fellow cast members who are new to theater… I help with set and costumes as well, and know that part of my job, as an actress is to perform on stage, but also try to help off stage. I stay 100% intrinsically motivated to succeed in theater, which in turn helps motivate the cast to push themselves to their fullest potential.

Special Skills

Aerials, back/front walk-overs, round-offs, handstands, cartwheels, scorpions, fouetee turns, pirouettes, a la seconde turns, various kinds of leaps

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