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Gretchen Struckmeyer Triangle Rising Star Awards Raleigh, NC

How did you get into theater?

I started theater in fourth grade when I transferred to a fine arts middle school. I immediately enrolled in acting classes my first year, and two years later I began private voice lessons. I attempted to be in musicals during my middle school year and I was only cast in the choruses and even as a tree. Although I was not very successful during this time, my love for theater never wavered. I really started to get into musicals in high school. I did not make it into my school’s musical my freshman year, but I still wanted to be part of the process. I became the assistant to the director and I looked into other places I could do theater. I finally found a youth community theater, and my opportunities for performing and passion for theater have blossomed ever since.

Tell us about your family.

I have a very musical family background. My mother studied music in college, and received her Master’s in opera. She pursued a performance career for many years and is thus very supportive of my theatrical aspirations… Due to my parent’s enthusiasm, my siblings and I have all been encouraged to sing, act, dance, or do anything else in performing.

Who are some of your role models in entertainment?

My biggest hero in entertainment is Julie Andrews. She is and was a talented actress and undeniably an amazing singer. I admire the sheer length of her career and the respectability she retained through it. It is my greatest dream to have a career and reputation in the business that retains such dignity while continuing to be at least a little successful.

Special Skills

Piano, drawing, creative writing

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