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Hannah Arnold The Freddy Awards Bethlehem, PA

What did you do to get into character for your part?

When I looked at the cast list and saw my name next to the title role of “Millie Dillmount” in our production of "Thoroughly Modern Millie," I was in complete shock and disbelief. Although I was extremely excited, I knew the road ahead would be a difficult and challenging one. I needed to memorize lines, learn how to tap dance, perform new songs, and hone my comedic timing… The rehearsal process provided me with personal and professional growth on a daily basis… My director worked intensely with me to learn beat changes and master character motivation… I created a checklist of all goals and notes provided by the adult directorial team, and… as rehearsals continued, I could feel myself getting quite comfortable in “Millie’s” skin.

Special Skills

Instrumentalist: violin, saxophone, and soprano and tenor recorder player at PA Shakespeare Festival

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