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Jaclyn Stickel Childress M.A.C.Y. Awards La Habra, CA

What is the most difficult role you’ve played?

I found a lot of difficulty in crafting and perfecting a character that is insanely comical, but at the same possesses very honest complexities. The challenge for me never resided in understanding Janet’s inner struggle, as I understand the feeling of being pulled by two strong forces very well, but in the portrayal of such feelings. This role is very different than any other I have ever played in a musical. It concerns a subject matter that is very truthful and realistic, yet it is presented in a manner that is very exaggerated and over-the-top. I worked endlessly on finding a medium between complete melodrama and complete sincerity that was authentic to the character but still amusing to the audience. It was a struggle, but the end result was extremely satisfying.

Special Skills

British accent, Southern accent, gymnastics

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