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Joshua Carey Stars of Tomorrow Awards Rochester, NY

How did you get into theater?

In sixth grade, when I was about eleven years old, I performed the role of Young Guido in "Nine," my first musical… I managed to be involved in multiple community theater programs, and through high school, I became extremely dedicated to the theater. I even keep a collection of all of the programs of shows I’ve been in or have seen, and the pile is now growing quite big.

Why is performing important to you?

Music, theater, is the only way I know how to cope with life as well, which is why it means so much to me… Music speaks when words can’t. I feel like I have a deep understanding of music. It almost feels as if it’s the only thing that understands me as well. Whenever I’m down, or even if I’m happy, music is always there to express emotion that’s hard to convey otherwise, whether it’s by listening or performing.

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