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Joshua Schwartz The Gershwin Awards Brooklyn, NY

How has your experience being in your high school musical affected you?

The main reason why I loved the experience in my high school production was the ensemble connection I had from day one. When the cast list went up, I was moved by the support I had, how people had faith in me, and how even people I didn’t know congratulated me… Working with peers from all around my school, from the theater, music, and even visual art departments, I learned so much. I witnessed new ways to explore theater by just working with peers my own age. I will never forget the experience I had while working with the seniors… Seeing these seniors with their own specific acting, singing, and dancing techniques really encouraged me to put more effort into some parts of my craft. Inspired, I worked with many upperclassmen on my dancing and singing, and soon enough, I was performing with them instead of behind them.

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