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Kyra Leeds The Gershwin Awards Flushing, NY

What is it about the character you're playing that you identify with?

My senior year of high school has been devoted to the college Theater Major audition process. Almost every weekend I made treks to colleges across the country in order to audition. The whole process was extremely taxing on my conviction and, normally positive, spirit. The only time I was able to put my life into perspective, or get out what I was feeling, was when I would get on stage and sing Winnifred’s song, “Happily Ever After” [from "Once Upon a Mattress]. Acting out that song felt so natural and fluid to my body because I wasn’t even trying to play any objective; I was living through Winnifred’s very ordeal. She and I both were just willing to work hard to get to our fairy tale ending. Like her, I was simply afraid that I was not doing enough, or losing parts of myself along my journey. But, singing this song always reminded me of all of the drive Winnifred and I also share. Luckily, this perseverance paid off for the both of us… We both worked for, and received our happy endings with magical possibilities.

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