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Malia Morley The Utah High School Musical Theatre Awards Sandy, UT

How did you get into theater?

I began singing lessons at age four and piano lessons at age five. My childhood friend and I loved music and theater so at age six we began writing and producing short plays for our parents and friends… I worked for two years to schedule a meeting with the professional voice coach Lily Chang who refused to accept students under eighteen years of age. After finally getting a trial lesson, Lily agreed to accept me as her first ten-year-old student, where I received my first classical vocal training for the next year. With her studio I performed on a stage for an audience of thousands… I saw my first professionally produced musical at the Tony Award-winning Utah Shakespeare Festival. [The festival's] production of "My Fair Lady" stole my heart, and ever since I have been devoted to developing a career in musical theater.

Who are some of your role models in entertainment?

My greatest heroine is Meryl Streep for her honestly, commitment and versatility in her roles on stage and on film. The dedication to discovering each unique detail about every new character she encounters has taught me to never stop searching to find new depths... She puts her soul into each performance and magnifies the nuances of the human condition that make her portrayals of those both fictional and historic truly memorable.

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