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Meadow Nguy The Illinois High School Musical Theater Awards O'Fallon, IL

What did you do to get into character for your part?

We spent so much time together working to deepen our characters that we found ourselves improvising conversations in character between classes. Although we didn’t anticipate it, this “playing in character” allowed us to the keep the timing when little things went wrong during performance to the point that the audience was none the wiser; especially when Riley Michael, our Toto, chose not to cooperate. We didn’t realize that we would actually work with a live dog for Toto. In order to create this “dynamic-duo” bond, I played with him during breaks, working through scenes and even had to take him “outside”. It was a very valuable learning experience as well as provided a lot of funny memories for our cast.

Special Skills

Dancer, violinist, gymnastics, choreographer, black belt in Shotokan Karate

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