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Peter Lambert The Utah High School Musical Theatre Awards Draper, UT

What has been your favorite role to play?

My experience portraying Bobby Child in "Crazy For You" at Alta High School was wonderful and unforgettable. As the male lead I not only had to sing, dance and act, but I had to perform portions of the show with a Hungarian accent. This was for when Bobby was disguised as the major Broadway producer Bela Zangler. It was the perfect role for me. I enjoyed almost every minute of the experience, from the moment the cast list was posted to the moment the final curtain fell. One of the best parts of the experience was working with a cast that was always positive and supportive. I never felt any of the resentment that sometimes crops up in high school productions… The cast was genuinely a happy family, working together with unity and respect. I have never felt more confident about a show leading into opening night.

Special Skills

Vocal: Tenor, Standard British dialect, Scottish dialect, Hungarian dialect, Australian dialect, intermediate IPA, gymnastics, piano, tap dancing

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