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Sam Burns Overture's Tommy Awards Beloit, WI

How did you get into theater?

I got into musical theater all the way back when I was 8 years old. My brother, sister, and I got a video camera and we loved making videos for our family to watch. If I wasn’t on camera, I was playing an instrument in the living room for the whole family. I always wanted to be a ringmaster of a circus because I thought he was the best performer.

Tell us about your family.

My mom… likes the arts more than my dad, but he is always a huge supporter. The best part about my years in theater is seeing other guys in my life, uncles, friends, or grandparents that used to not like musicals now love to listen and watch them.

Why is performing important to you?

It simply comes down to having the opportunity to make someone else feel emotion. Lately I love to summarize this as “giving chills”. Everyone has gotten chills before from something in their life. If through my performance I can ignite a feeling, any feeling, inside of an audience then I remember why I love to perform so badly. There is nothing more powerful then to make someone smile because you smile or cry because you cry.

Special Skills

Football, basketball, and baseball

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