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Sheridan Hearn Overture's Tommy Awards Madison, WI

How did you get into theater?

When I was three years old, there was this Christmas performance. They held auditions for the different Christmas story characters: Mary, Joseph, shepherds but more importantly, the angels. My sisters were angels and I desperately wanted to be one too. Unfortunately, the age [requirement] was seven years old and I was short a few years. But I was so determined to be on stage that I waltzed into the audition in my tutu and sang my little heart out. A week later I was everyone’s favorite little angel… Before I knew it, I fell in love with the enchanted world of the theater and I haven’t stopped performing since.

Who are some of your role models in entertainment?

Marilyn Monroe, Julie Andrews, Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli, Sutton Foster, Bernadette Peters, Patti LuPone, Stephen Schwartz.

Why is performing important to you?

Performing is… a time to stop worrying, and simply enjoy being in the moment with the cast as they take you on a magical journey. That is something that can truly help a person deal with any kind of emotion, sorrow or joy. I, as a performer, have the ability to offer that escape and I wouldn’t give up that opportunity for the world… As Aaron Copland once said, “Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.” I couldn’t think of anything better to dedicate my life to.

Special Skills

Piano, flexibility, Spring Board diving, ice boating, sailing, skiing, triathlons

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