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Taylor Neal The Blumey Awards Waxhaw, NC

How did you get into theater?

My sister is ten years older than me and I grew up watching her perform. I have many memories of watching her and her friends at rehearsals… Since my sister was the actress in the family, everyone always asked me, “Are you going to grow up and be an actress like your big sister?” A part of me wanted to tell them no, but another part of me took that as a challenge to become as talented and successful as she was. The moment I was handed a selection of sheet music, I knew I wanted to sing every day of my life. I’ve been singing with a performance/touring choir for over six years… I tried out for my first musical in seventh grade. Every year since then, I have been on the stage.

Tell us about your family.

My family is very involved in the arts. In fact, my parents met as art majors in college… My sister is twenty-five years old and is an actress.

Who are some of your role models in entertainment?

I admire Ethel Merman, Neil Patrick Harris, John Hughes and Gilda Radner. Ethel Merman was such a powerhouse performer who had a voice that no one could imitate. Gilda Radner wasn’t afraid to make a complete fool of herself to make others laugh. As for Neil Patrick Harris, I have always thought he was the perfect performer; he can sing, act, dance, and is a master of comic timing. I know that John Hughes was not a performer but he created so many films that are relevant to everyone’s lives… Film is just as important in my life as theater. They’re both art forms that inspire me to continue my journey as an actress.

Special Skills

Singing in many languages, Solfege trained, Orff instruments, sight read music

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