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Americans are living longer than ever before, and soon older adults will outnumber the young. CARING FOR MOM & DAD explores the emotional, health and financial challenges that many caregivers face every day. Buy the DVD »

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Trailer: Caring for Mom & Dad

Watch the trailer for CARING FOR MOM & DAD. The full documentary is now available to stream online.

Why We Caregive profile

Why We Caregive

Caregivers discuss the joys and challenges of caring for their aging parents.

Caregiver Profiles

Anthony: No Longer Alone

Anthony: No Longer Alone

When Anthony's mother, Odester, developed Alzheimer's, Anthony had to learn to accept help.

Rochelle: My Little Ladies

Rochelle: My Little Ladies

Rochelle, whose mother Odester suffers from Alzheimer's, relies on a support group of women.

Shanna: Family is Family

Shanna: Family is Family

When her mother Chris was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Shanna decided to move her family back home to care for Chris.

Nicole: Telesavvy Eases the Emotional Ride

Nicole: VA Telesavvy Eases the Emotional Ride

Nicole, a working caregiver, uses online resources like VA Telesavvy to assist her in providing care for her father.

Jane: Finding Peace with My Mom

Jane: Finding Peace with My Mom

Journalist and author Jane Gross discusses how her relationship with her mother changed for the better towards the end of her mother's life.

Carissa: Make Them Proud

Carissa: Make Them Proud

Carissa remains close to her grandmother despite Estella's declining health.

Jake and Sam

Jake & Sam: She’s the Oldest Person I Know

Eleven-year-olds Jake and Sam spend time with their grandmother, who is over one hundred years of age.


Laney: Her Wingwoman

Laney supports her mom Mary Ellen, a working caregiver whose mother has been diagnosed with dementia.

Sibling Dynamics

Sibling Dynamics

Caregiving can change the nature of relationships between siblings.

From the Experts

Geriatric Care Managers

Patricia Mulvey & Debbie Ratner: Geriatric Care Managers

Patricia Mulvey and Debbie Ratner of Jewish Home Lifecare discuss the benefits of involving geriatric care managers into the caregiving process.

Ai-jen Poo

Ai-jen Poo & Sarita Gupta: Caring Across Generations

Ai-jen Poo and Sarita Gupta, co-directors of Caring Across Generations, discuss the challenges our nation faces as the population ages.

Dan Reingold

Dan Reingold: Tips for Caregivers

Dan Reingold, President and CEO of Hebrew Home at Riverdale, discusses the aging crisis, and what caregivers can do.



Technology: A Caregiver's Ally

Technology-based solutions and resources can help caregivers.

Overnight Solutions

Nicole: Overnight Solutions

Overnight care can support working caregivers like Nicole, whose father developed dementia.


Emory’s Workplace: More Support, Better Employees

Emory University employees discuss how Emory supports them in balancing their caregiving duties with their work.

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Caring for Your Parents

Filmmaker Michael Kirk highlights the challenges adult children face as they transition into the primary caregiver role for their aging parents.

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