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Interview Excerpts

On freedom and free markets TEXT | VIDEO
  • Why are free markets and freedom inseparable?
  • Why is private property essential to freedom?
  • Free markets, black markets, and the law

On Friedrich Hayek TEXT

  • The influence of Friedrich Hayek and Ayn Rand
  • Hayek and Mont Pelerin

On John Maynard Keynes TEXT

  • Keynes and his theory
  • Did World War II prove Keynes right?

The Great Depression TEXT

  • What really caused the Great Depression?
  • How did the Depression change your life?
  • Why didn't you become a communist?
  • Did you support Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal?

On Richard Nixon TEXT

  • Nixon the socialist
  • Nixon, price controls, and the gold standard

On Ronald Reagan TEXT

  • How Paul Volcker stopped inflation during Reagan's term of office

On his own role in Chile under Pinochet TEXT

Politics and the Federal Reserve Bank TEXT

Where things stand today TEXT

  • The Internet and the new economy
  • Socialism vs. the free market: Which is winning?
  • Can the trend reverse itself?