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Picture of George Shultz

George Shultz

(b. 1920)
A former faculty member at the University of Chicago and economic advisor to Presidents Eisenhower and Nixon, George Shultz was appointed secretary of state in Ronald Reagan's Cabinet in 1982.

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Born in New York City, Shultz was educated at Princeton University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. After heading the business school at the University of Chicago (1962-68), he served in a succession of federal posts, including secretary of labor (1969-70), director of the Office of Management and Budget (1970-72), and secretary of the Treasury (1972-74). In 1974 he left Washington for Bechtel, a multinational construction and engineering firm. Shultz held the presidency of Bechtel from 1975 until June 1982, when he was called back to Washington to replace Alexander M. Haig Jr. as secretary of state; he continued to serve in that capacity during the second Reagan administration. Less flamboyant than Haig, he won respect for his steady professionalism and his preference for conciliation rather than conflict.

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