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The seven remaining contestants arrive for some fun, sun, and ocean in Miami. But, the relaxing doesn't last for long as they head to Johnson and Wales University for a pop quiz on a chapter about terrines from Michael Ruhlman's new book …

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Episode 7 Journal

What did you think of today's challenge?

It has been a long time since I have made a terrine. I knew it had to be a lot of instinct.

What did you prepare today?

Veal terrine with pork loin, dried prunes, currants, apricots, and pistachios. Sweet-dried cherry Marsala reduction, taro chips, Dijon mustard.

How do you think you did? Is there anything you wish you'd done better?

I loved how it came out, because it has been so long since I've made anything like this. I needed sea salt to garnish the top.

What was the highlight of the day's events?

Having more time to execute the entire preparation.

Are there any lessons you took away from today?

Patience is a virtue. And saying that every French man can make pâté is like saying that every black man can make corn bread. We all know that these are just stereotypes.

What was the most constructive or interesting piece of feedback you heard from the judges?

About how using the local ingredients can go very far to make or break you.

How do you think you are doing in relation to your fellow competitors?

Fine, just fine thanks. And you?

Who do you think is faring the best and why (we recognize this changes from day-to-day)?

Katsuji has the most unique personality of anybody I have ever known. He has turned himself around 180 degrees.

What do you think your fellow competitors think of you (we recognize this changes from day-to-day)?

We are all family now. At this point it's a total bummer when anyone gets cut.