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Back to class! Our 10 surviving finalists visit the kitchens of the Art Institute of California, where they get a lesson in collaborative cooking. The budding chefs are paired up, given $40, and sent to L.A.'s historic Farmers Market to score some fresh ingredients. And when the cooking fires up, egos flare. …

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Episode 4 Journal

What did you think of today's challenge?

Today's challenge was exciting to be paired with a partner and work as a team. To be able to go to the market with only a certain amount of money and cook whatever we wanted.

What did you prepare today?

I prepared a southern style dirty rice/blackened center cut pork chops; butter corn cream sauce with beet oil garnish. Cold fruit salad.

How do you think you did? Is there anything you wish you'd done better?

I think I did OK. I wish I had thought to prepare more then one dish.

What was the highlight of the day's events?

Being put in front of the judges and one of us having to receive the 86 skillet.

Are there any lessons you took away from today?

Yes. Always think with an open mind and try new and different flavors.

What was the most constructive or interesting piece of feedback you heard from the judges?

The judges think I could have applied myself more.

How do you think you are doing in relation to your fellow competitors?

So far I feel I am now lacking behind because of today's mishaps.

Who do you think is faring the best and why (we recognize this changes from day-to-day)?

Matt and Sarah, they show the best ability to think under pressure.

What do you think your fellow competitors think of you (we recognize this changes from day-to-day)?

They were surprised that I did not take charge of the task at hand. But they seem to have my support.