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This week it's down to six finalists as the contestants encounter their first female chef, Michelle Bernstein. Michelle introduces them to the flavors of South Florida comfort food in the form of a Cuban sandwich. After a taste of a genuine cubano it's back to Johnson & Wales, where the judges announce this week's challenge: incorporating authentic Cuban dishes into a family-style meal using family-style collaboration. …

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Episode 8 Journal

What did you think of today's challenge?

It was tough today. I was pleased with my terrine and the way it was plated.

What did you prepare today?

Duck terrine with calabaza stuffed zucchini and cherry sauce; chicken with mango adobo, salad of pickled hearts of palm and jicama.

How do you think you did? Is there anything you wish you'd done better?

I did OK. I should have worked much cleaner and I should have handled more proteins.

What was the highlight of the day's events?

We didn't go home. That hour and a half went by so fast!

Are there any lessons you took away from today?

Work cleaner, damn it!

What was the most constructive or interesting piece of feedback you heard from the judges?

They loved my salad. I didn't expect that J.P. would go home because of not being a good follower.

How do you think you are doing in relation to your fellow competitors?

I'm still here aren't I? I expect to go home any day now.

Who do you think is faring the best and why (we recognize this changes from day-to-day)?

I think Katsuji and Autumn will be the final two.

What do you think your fellow competitors think of you (we recognize this changes from day-to-day)?

I worked so messy today, I don't want to think about it!