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"In-Your-Face" Questions
Can art be ugly and still be art?

Has a work of art ever made you feel better about yourself?

Have you seen works of art that make your skin crawl?

Can art be confusing and still be art?

Should you pay taxes to support struggling artists?

What image from this Web site would you like to hang on your livingroom wall?

Would you let your 10-year-old visit this Web site?

Can movie violence make the audience indifferent to real violence?

Has anyone ever been redeemed by art?

Has anyone ever been hurt by a work of art?

Has controversy ever influenced your decisions about which movies to attend?

Are there any artworks that should always be banned?

How would you explain the music you like to your grandchildren?

Should members of your community be able to restrict which images you can and cannot see?

Must art in public spaces be acceptable to everyone?

Have you ever been embarrassed by looking at a piece of art?

Has art ever made a difference in the world?

Are video games art?

Has a piece of music ever had a physical effect on you?

Do humans need the arts?

Could a work of art hurt someone?

Should the arts be allowed to threaten the social status quo?

Has a work of art ever changed the way you look at the world?

How would you explain the music you like to your grandparents?

Would you let your aged grandmother visit this Web site?

Should works of art be used to advertise products?

Can a work of art itself be immoral?

Can a work of art itself be moral?

What is art?

Have you ever been scared by an artwork?

Are the arts dangerous?

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