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Means and Methods

As the examples on this site illustrate, people have sometimes responded negatively to works of art, using means ranging from bad reviews to outright attacks. In some cases this results in alteration of a work of art, while in others the attack is focused on limiting access to or distribution of the work.

The list below is a selection of methods that affect how artwork reaches the public, including many discussed in the Culture Shock Web site and in the films:

  1. banning particular books from school libraries and curricula

  2. calling for the removal of certain paintings from public museums

  3. campaigning to have particular types of music banned from public performances

  4. rioting in protest of ballet performances

  5. arresting the publishers of certain books

  6. withdrawing films from public release

  7. canceling funding for proposed exhibitions or artists

  8. dismantling public murals

  9. buying all the copies of certain books and shredding them

  10. holding Congressional hearings on song lyrics

  11. forcing artists to emigrate

  12. burning books

  13. expurgating selected passages from plays

  14. bleeping words from broadcasts

  15. placing fig leaves over the genital area of nude statues

  16. demanding changes in public monuments

  17. electronically altering images

  18. defacing paintings

  19. changing the costumes of performers to hide the body

  20. calling for the death of particular authors

  21. destroying certain works of art and all copies

  22. boycotting all films by certain production companies

  23. imprisoning an artist

  24. killing an artist

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