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Multimedia Resources for Learning
The Evolution Project extends a wealth of educational resources to teachers, students, parents and families -- on the air, on the Web, in print, and through workshop programs. Available fall 2001.

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Broadcast Series
A seven-part, eight-hour series premiering on your PBS station from September 24-27, 2001 (check local listings), Evolution will combine drama with documentary filmmaking, traveling around the world and through time to examine evolutionary science and its profound effect on society and culture. Teachers may tape the series and use it in their classrooms for one year after broadcast.

The entire seven-part, eight-hour Evolution television series as well as single videos and a special curriculum kit for educators will be available from WGBH Boston Video. To place an order, for more information, or to request a free catalogue, please call WGBH Boston Video at 1-800-949-8670.


The Evolution Web site will offer a range of interactive experiences along with extensive educational resources for teachers and students.


Multimedia Web Library
This library will provide Web access to more than one hundred multimedia resources including video, animation, primary source documents, and still images — all designed to enhance student learning and classroom teaching about evolution.


Teacher's Guide
This free 40-page Teacher's Guide will provide activities to enhance the high school biology curriculum in a multimedia format, integrating all the Evolution Project resources. Sign up to receive your free Teacher's Guide here.


Online Student Lessons
Tied to state and national science standards and high school biology curricula, these online lessons will enhance students' understanding of evolutionary concepts.


Short Classroom Videos
Seven five-minute videos (streamed online and available on VHS) will combine engaging storytelling with scientific inquiry to explore the fundamental concepts of biological evolution.


Teacher Methodology Videos
Four 15-minute videos (streamed online and available on VHS) will highlight the teaching of evolution in real classrooms around the country.


Online Professional Development Course
This eight-session online course for high school science teachers will draw upon the broadcast series, interactive Web activities, teacher methodology videos, and multimedia Web library to provide a vibrant, content-rich learning experience. The course will deepen teachers' understanding of evolutionary concepts and help them address obstacles to teaching evolution. Free course licenses will be available beginning fall 2001. Contact us for more information. learnevolution@wgbh.org


Lead Teacher Initiative
These teachers will help colleagues develop their knowledge of evolution and improve their classroom teaching strategies. We are no longer accepting applications for this initiative.


Companion Book
Written by Carl Zimmer, an award-winning science journalist specializing in evolution, the companion book includes an introduction by noted paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould and will be published by HarperCollins this fall.


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Further questions? Contact us at learnevolution@wgbh.org.


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