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Justice Dept. Sues North Carolina Over New Voter Law
It's the latest move from Attorney General Eric Holder, who has vowed to challenge states for alleged discrimination against minority voters.
September 30, 2013
A Note from Dropout Nation's Marco: "I Love My Life"
Marco is now a paratrooper in the U.S. Army, and wrote in to FRONTLINE with some advice for would-be graduates.
September 30, 2013
Amid Criticism, Border Patrol to Change Use-of-Force Policy
The policy came under scrutiny after 19 reported deaths in 2012 at the hands of Border Patrol agents.
September 25, 2013
"Doctor Hotspot" Wins MacArthur Genius Grant
The award allows Jeffrey Brenner, featured in our 2011 film "Dr. Hotspot," to continue his work helping poor patients.
September 25, 2013
Concussion Watch: NFL Head Injuries in Week 3
The third week of the NFL season saw at least seven players removed from games because of possible head injuries.
September 25, 2013
For the NFL, Focus on Concussions Yields Mixed Results
Despite a new emphasis on player safety, a FRONTLINE analysis found NFL concussions on the rise in 2012, as half of players returned from their injuries without missing a game.
September 24, 2013
Egypt Bans Muslim Brotherhood Activity, Freezes Funds
The military-backed Egyptian government takes another step in its aggressive crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood.
September 23, 2013
Report: NFL Concussion Settlement Could Shut Out Many
The very first players to be diagnosed with football-related brain damage may not allow any compensation, according to a new report.
September 20, 2013
Few Answers on Border Patrol Agents' Use of Force
Even the agency's proposed reforms are redacted in a new report, released this week.
September 20, 2013
Is There Hope for Democracy In Egypt? -- Live Chat Transcript
Join a live chat about "Egypt in Crisis" with correspondent Charles Sennott, producer Marcela Gaviria, and NBC Egypt Correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin. You can leave a question now.
September 17, 2013
Khaled Fahmy: Sisi Is "Much More Dangerous"
"I don't want to go to demonstrations and funerals and morgues, which is what I have been doing for the past two and a half years. But something is wrong in how this whole thing is unfolding. Something fundamentally is wrong."
September 17, 2013
Wael Haddara: "We Lost Our Country" on July 3
"If the street becomes the way of removing a democratically elected president one year into his mandate, then no other presidency will survive in the future."
September 17, 2013