Secretly Recorded Audio Leaked of Bradley Manning’s Court Statement

March 12, 2013
Watch WikiSecrets, FRONTLINE’s investigation into Bradley Manning, Julian Assange and the largest intelligence breach in U.S. history, and The Private Life of Bradley Manning, a profile of the early years of the young soldier now accused of leaking more than half a million classified U.S. government documents.

The Freedom of the Press Foundation has released surreptitiously recorded audio of the statement Private Bradley Manning made in a pre-court martial hearing last week.

The government released a slightly redacted text version of Manning’s statement Monday, but the audio posted this morning, in direct violation of court rules against unauthorized recording, has let Bradley Manning speak to the world in his own voice.

Today on PRI’s The World, host Marco Werman and FRONTLINE reporter Arun Rath listen to some of the recording, and discuss its significance.

Listen to The World segment here:

And here is the full audio of Manning’s statement from The Freedom of the Press Foundation:

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