Did “League of Denial” Change the Way You Feel About Football?


October 10, 2013

The response to League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis has been remarkable. We’re hearing from NFL players — past and present, football fans across the country, journalists who cover the sport, and from parents concerned about their kids’ safety playing the game.

The show has sparked a national conversation about the future of the sport. We’d love to hear what you think on Facebook, Twitter, and in the comments below.

One theme is clear — this film changed the way many of you feel about football. Here’s how:

League of Denial” changed my view on the safety of the sport for kids:

Gandhi Harb This will be my 11 year-old's last season. Might even pull him out.

October 9 at 3:44pm

Tariq Bashir My wife & I decided to pull out our 11 year old from football forever. Thank you so much for this eye-opening ending documentary

October 9 at 3:44pm

Pete Pazmino I think the show, or sections of it, should be required viewing for anybody who's considering allowing their child to play full-contact ball. Very well done.

October 9 at 3:50pm

I’ll never view football the same way:

Jeanne Kettinger Walker It sort of makes me feel that we all have blood on our hands; those of us who watch and buy the NFL. We are spectators at the Coliseum, entertained by watching legal violence.

October 9 at 8:40am

Joe Mancinik Yes, it has changed the way I feel. As an individual, ethically, I cannot continue to support something that subjects kids to such danger. I'm really conflicted, too. I'm a lifelong college football fan. It's one of the only ways I can relate to my father and my brothers...

October 9 at 3:53pm

Marci Rodriguez Applewhite After your show, I will not be watching football anymore. I truly admire the achievements of the athletes and the business example of the NFL, but I won't be able to enjoy it knowing the risks to the players.

October 9 at 6:52pm

The film didn’t change my feelings on the game, but it changed how I feel about the NFL:

Park Chapman Not really, but I was shocked at the league's deception. It was stated well in the movie. The NFL ruling cabal is no better than the big tobacco executives.

October 9 at 3:42pm

Alfonso Villalpando It's a contact sport. There are risks. I love the sport, just disappointed at the NFL for not being proactive back in the 90's.

October 9 at 6:56pm

The film didn’t change my feelings about football at all:

Elizabeth Bassinger Absolutely NOT I have three boys playing tackle football now with the oldest in high school one in 8th grade and one in 3rd grade… bottom line if you can't handle the risk take up ballet. No wonder our society is full of wimps.

October 9 at 3:46pm

Chuck Nelson Nope. Now that we know the dangers, the players are aware of the tradeoffs to be a millionaire. As long as cigarettes are legal, the government has no business interfering for health reasons.

October 9 at 10:39pm

Tammy Gaddy-Egelston Nope I have always known it would cause brain damage. Doesnt take a rocket scientist to know that bashing heads as hard as you can will eventually cause harm. If not death! We wouldnt EVER let our son play the game...

October 9 at 5:47pm


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