Four Films for Veterans Day

November 11, 2011

As you take the day to honor our veterans, here are some of FRONTLINE’s best documentaries on the recent experiences of U.S. soldiers:

Bad Voodoo’s War [2008]

FRONTLINE looks at the war in Iraq through the eyes of a platoon of National Guard soldiers, who filmed their experiences with their own video cameras.

The Wounded Platoon [2010]

Third Platoon, Charlie Company: What happened to them in Iraq, and what happened when they came home.

Educating Sergeant Pantzke [2011]

For-profit colleges promise veterans a high quality degree — but do they deliver?

You can also watch The Soldier’s Heart , our 2005 report that explores the psychological cost of war and investigates whether the military is doing enough to help combat veterans coming home.

Bonus: A rare look into the lives of Air Force drone pilots, who fight on the front lines of the war in Afghanistan — from a base less than an hour from Las Vegas.

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