How Did Ghaith Abdul-Ahad Inflitrate Al-Qaeda? Ask Him

May 30, 2012

Al Qaeda is known for capturing and killing journalists. So how did Al Qaeda in Yemen correspondent Ghaith Abdul-Ahad get access to them, and survive?

And what did he learn about Al Qaeda’s role and influence in the region?

Ask him and his producer Jamie Doran about these questions and any other aspect of Al Qaeda in Yemen today in a live chat and in a thread on Reddit.

Abdul-Ahad has worked as a reporter since April 2003 when, while walking to his Baghdad home, he got a ride with a group of journalists who were there to cover the U.S. invasion. After giving them a tour of the city, he was hired on the spot as a translator, and he went on to become an Iraq correspondent for The Guardian. Since then, he’s also reported from Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan and Libya.

Jamie is an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose career spans 30 years.

What are your questions for Ghaith and Jamie?

The Reddit thread is live right now, and join the live chat with the two at 2:30 pm ET today.

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