23 Oct 2007, KORENGAL VALLEY, Afghanistan --- Sgt. John Clinard (L) and Jay Liske (L) with other soldiers from Battle Company, carry the body of Sgt Larry Rougle, towards the medevac helicopter along the abascar ridge in the mountains of Kunar. Rougle was killed less than an hour prior while their unit, a scout team, was standing guard at the furthest tip of a ridge, and was ambushed by the Taliban. Two other soldiers were shot and wounded, Sgt. Kevin Rice and spc. Carl Vandeberge, and were medevaced out for surgery minutes before.

The War Briefing

October 28, 2008 / 56m

Season 2008: Episode 2


The next president of the United States will inherit some of the greatest foreign policy challenges in American history — an overstretched military, frayed alliances, and wars on two fronts. FRONTLINE gives viewers a hard, inside look at the real policy choices the next president will face. The report features strategists and diplomats giving their best advice about how to correct past failures and how to shape a realistic foreign policy approach in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. [Explore more on the original website for The War Briefing.]