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Local Responses to 9/11

Local public television and radio stations offer programming and activities to address their communities' post-9/11 needs and to help them learn about the Middle East, Islam, and Muslims in ongoing ways. Check here to see if your community offers a program, or for ideas to start your own.

Understanding America After 9/11: A Public Radio Collaboration

One year after the 9/11 tragedy, a National Public Radio conversation analyzes how the events of the past year have transformed our communities and our nation. Produced by a grassroots coalition of public radio stations and independent producers, the project includes six one-hour documentaries and smaller features. An accompanying Web site provides further information. Producing stations include WNYC/New York, WBUR/Boston, WAMU/Washington, Minnesota Public Radio, KPCC/Pasadena, and KQED/San Francisco.

Nebraska Responds: A Town Hall Meeting

Public Television Station: Nebraska ETV Network, Lincoln, Nebraska

On October 12, 2001, Nebraska ETV, Nebraska Public Radio Network, and their partners hosted and aired a town hall meeting to foster understanding and communication about the issues related to September 11. During the meeting, concerned citizens had the opportunity to question local academic experts and state government officials. Questions were fielded from the studio audience, online submissions, and earlier submissions from newspaper readers. The Webcast of this meeting is available online.

Teaching in Times of Crisis: Americans as Global Citizens

Public Television Station: WNED, Buffalo, New York

On February 23, 2002, WNED in Buffalo, New York, and its local partners led an all-day symposium for area educators to provide instruction and resources for addressing the issues raised by September 11. The symposium dealt with the global implications of the tragedy. Individual workshops addressed topics such as conflict resolution, understanding Islam, intergroup relations, and media literacy. Each attendee received a resource binder with lesson plans and information from the workshop, as well as related video resources. For more information on this workshop, please contact Mary Jo Gill at

Muslims in Toledo

Public Television Station: WGTE, Toledo, Ohio

Just after September 11, the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo was vandalized. WGTE partnered with the Center to provide an educational outreach program for the general community in conjunction with the airing of the PBS program Islam: Empire of Faith. WGTE invited viewers to tour the Center's mosque and learn more about the beliefs of Muslims and the culture and traditions of Arab-Americans in general. Those who joined the tour were able to meet Muslims in their community and to share in some of their customs. Recorded clips from the tour were aired between programs.

Facing the Future: The River Region Responds

Public Television Station: WSIU, Carbondale, Illinois

In response to the events of September 11, WSIU developed a Web site in coordination with schools, churches, and community groups to provide information and encourage interaction. The Web site offers links to national and local analysis; ideas for public dialogue; activities to promote policymaking; resources for parents, teachers, and students; discussion guides for interfaith participation; and an online forum for area residents.

Visit PBS's America Responds to see more local station responses to September 11.

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