GLOBAL CONNECTIONS: the Near/Middle East
May 1983: An Israeli-Lebanese peace deal calls for Israel to make a phased withdrawal from Lebanon.

The U.S. mediates a peace and withdrawal agreement between Israel and Lebanon in May 1983. The PLO had been using Lebanon as a base of operations against Israel, and several times in the 1970s and '80s Israel had invaded Lebanon as a result. Under the terms of the peace agreement, Israeli forces begin to leave Lebanon, but maintain control over a 12-mile-wide "security zone" in southern Lebanon, near the Israeli border. The Hezbollah, an Islamic militant group that opposes Israel's presence in Lebanon, continues to attack military posts in southern Lebanon and northern Israel. Israeli forces will continue to combat these forces for another 22 years, until Israel leaves southern Lebanon entirely in January of 2000.

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Despite a peace deal brokered with its Arab neighbor Egypt, Israel's northern border with Lebanon remained a major trouble spot.