GLOBAL CONNECTIONS: the Near/Middle East
May 4, 1994: Israel and the PLO agree on the initial implementation of the Oslo Accords in the Gaza-Jericho Agreement (Cairo Accords).

As a result of the Oslo peace process, the Gaza-Jericho Agreement -- also known as the Cairo Accords -- includes an Israeli military withdrawal from about 60 percent of the Gaza Strip (Jewish settlements and their environs excluded) and the West Bank town of Jericho. The agreement envisages further withdrawals from yet-to-be-agreed-on areas of the Occupied Territories. A five-year period begins in which a permanent resolution is to be negotiated on Jerusalem, settlements, Palestinian refugees, and sovereignty.

PBS Newsmaker: Nabil Sha'ath /jan-june01/shaath_2-20.html

A senior Palestinian official shares his views on the peace stalemate and violence in the Middle East. (February 2001)

PBS Shattered Dreams of Peace: The Negotiations /shows/oslo/negotiations/

Over seven years, Palestinian and Israeli negotiators struggled to reach an agreement that could end the 100-year Middle East conflict.