GLOBAL CONNECTIONS: the Near/Middle East
April 9, 1994: Osama bin Laden is stripped of his Saudi citizenship.

Osama bin Laden is of Saudi Arabian origin, but his citizenship is revoked in reaction to his attempts to overthrow the regime of Saudi Arabia. Being in contact with bin Laden after 1994 is considered by the Saudi government a hostile gesture, even an act of treason.

WWW The House of Bin Laden: A family's, and a nation's, divided loyalties /?fact/011112fa_FACT3

PBS Looking for Answers: Interviews: Prince Bandar bin Sultan /shows/terrorism/interviews/bandar .html

Frontline interviews Prince Bandar bin Sultan, dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Washington, D.C., who asserts that while U.S. policies in the Middle East are flawed, America cannot be blamed for the 9/11 attacks.

PBS Hunting Bin Laden: Interview with Bin Laden /shows/binladen/who/interview.html

Osama bin Laden answers questions posed to him by some of his followers at his mountaintop camp in southern Afghanistan. Later, ABC reporter John Miller is asking the questions.

PBS Hunting Bin Laden /shows/binladen/

Investigating Osama bin Laden, his network, and his role in terrorists attacks on America (pre-9/11)