GLOBAL CONNECTIONS: the Near/Middle East
April 2002: Israel launches military raids against the Palestinian Authority and suspected terrorists in the West Bank.

The Israeli government responds to an increase in suicide bombings, including an attack on Jews celebrating Passover. Israel defends its raids, saying they are designed to destroy the Palestinian terrorist infrastructure. The Palestinians argue that Israel's goal is to destroy the Palestinian Authority and its economic and civilian infrastructure.

PBS Battle for the Holy Land: The Cycle of Violence /shows/holy/cron/

A timeline of key events in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from September 2000 through March 2002. While not a record of every incident, it highlights the escalation of violence by both sides.

PBS Israel Pulls Back /pullbacks_04-11-02.html

Israel pulled out of two dozen West Bank towns and villages, including Yatta, Qabatya, and Samua, but launched new incursions in other Palestinian areas. (April 2002)