Dieter Goldkuhle, Stained Glass Artisan

Born into a family of glass tradesmen in northern Germany, Dieter Goldkuhle (1938 - 2011) created and restored exquisite stained glass windows for over 50 years, including more than one hundred windows for Washington National Cathedral. A master of his trade, he devoted his life to perfecting his art.

Working together with world class artists, Dieter was responsible for all the technical aspects of crafting stained glass windows from selecting, cutting, assembling, and firing the glass to perfectly installing the finished piece in its architectural context. He was also an expert in preserving old stained glass windows and enjoyed the special challenges and skills involved in the restoration process. “It broadens me and gives me new experiences in my field,” he said.

Dieter’s beautiful work includes making and installing the magnificent rose window on the west facade of Washington National Cathedral. “To cut into a beautiful sheet of colored glass—to make something that did not exist before—there’s a tremendously satisfying reward coming from that.”


“You’re always learning, always refining your skills. You never stop accumulating a more intimate understanding of your craft.”


—Dieter Goldkuhle


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Dieter Goldkuhle and His Work