Analyze a Scene
Scene 2: Flay v. Swelter
 Int. The corridor outside Groan's room. Night.
...Flay raises a rusty sword.

Flay: Kitchen Scum.

Swelter: Hsssssssss.......

Swelter recoils in his rage and frustration. He is about to lunge forward and strike at Flay when the bedroom door by his right arm opens and Groan, wan, mad, comes out, holding a candle. He is sleep-walking.

Groan: Hoot.

He walks slowly down the corridor in the direction of Flay. Swelter immediately follows, his cleaver held high. Flay, holding his sword up, walks backwards in front of Groan, trying to guess the direction he will take, at the same time as watching Swelter who silently comes behind.

The three of them, Flay backwards, Groan asleep in between and Swelter menacingly behind, walk for twenty yards, in silent and deadly concentration. Suddenly Groan turns to ascend steps to his right. Flay takes a leap to his left up onto........

Swelter: Come here!

Flay: Lordship! Lordship!

Int. Great Hall. Night.

..........the first step and manages to keep ahead of Groan. Swelter follows, his cleaver raised. They mount the steps. More thunder and lightning.

Flay has to guess which way Groan will go. He decides on the steps and to his relief gets it right as the somnambulant Earl follows him up.....
Flay walking backwards stumbles several times, Groan occasionally hoots, and Swelter squelches inexorably behind with a loathsome and murderous grin on his face.......

Int. The Hall of Spiders. Night.
.......... a huge derelict attic. The roof has fallen in and it is open at one end to the sky. It is laced with thousands of vast spider's webs. Swelter follows.

They can go up no further. Groan will either go left or right. An owl hoots. Groan stops. He turns in the direction of the owls.

Groan: They will take me in. Hoot.

Flay: Lordship?

Groan: Hoot!

Flay and Swelter freeze. Groan suddenly moves right across a landing. Hardly before they know it Flay and Swelter find themselves facing each other with their weapons raised. Before Swelter can move to attack, Flay has backed quickly away into.......

Flay who backs away, stumbling over broken floorboards and fallen beams in the vast, cloudcast, moonlit space.

Finally Flay stops close to the centre of the attic. He waits and watches with his sword held high, as Swelter cuts his way through the mist of webs, swinging his silver cleaver left and right in great arcs in front of him. Finally they confront each other across a large fallen beam. A silence, then Swelter hisses and grins horribly. He raises his cleaver.

Flay sweats and doesn't move. A terrible silence as they stare at each other with utter loathing. Then with no warning Swelter jumps on one end of the beam, sending the other up under Flay'S chin, knocking him down to the floor, his sword falling from his hand. Swelter moves quickly forward and stands over the fallen manservant, with one foot on his sword.

Swelter: Goodnight Mishter Flea. Kitchen Shlug at your shervice! (Eyes Flay) Delishus!

Flay: Scum. Always!

Swelter: (Raises cleaver) Goodnight, Manshervant Flea. (Eyes his glinting cleaver) Wait, wait, my preshus, you shall be clean and shilvery before you eat.

He takes out a huge white, silk handkerchief and carefully cleans the cleaver, as he eyes the Manservant. Flay looks to his sword trapped beneath Swelter'S foot but can do nothing.

Swelter: And now for dinner!

He raises the cleaver high to strike, but disturbs a spider in a web above. The spider falls and drops into his eye. Swelter screams and claws at his socket.

Swelter: Aaaghh!

Flay takes his chance, rolls quickly to one side, clutches for his sword, as Swelter stumbles off it, grabs it, half stands and slashes. The blade slices past the Chef's head, cutting off his left ear. The momentum of the strike has carried Flay past Swelter and he falls again in the darkness behind. The chef screams as the blood pours from his wound. He suddenly stops and stares horrified. His ear is hanging enmeshed in the spider's web.

Swelter: Aaaghh!

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