Analyze a Scene
Scene 3: At the Graveyard of the Select Retainers
 Ext. The Graveyard of the Select Retainers. Day.
Fuchsia is in the tiny graveyard on the other side of the arch. She's carrying a small bunch of flowers.

Fuchsia: I'm so sorry, Nannie. I don't know what to do. No-one loves me! What shall I do?

Steerpike watches quietly through an arch

Fuchsia: I can't dream forever!

Steerpike sees a large bunch of roses that has been left in a grave by the arch. He takes them.

Steerpike: Lady Fuchsia? (Stands behind her holding the bunch of roses) I had no idea you'd be here. I didn't know her well, but I thought... (Looks embarrassed at his flowers) I'm sure your flowers will please her most.

Fuchsia: It's all stupid anyway! (Throws her flowers away) And I didn't think you were so sentimental!

Steerpike: I have my moods too. (Tosses his flowers away too)

Fuchsia: No! How dare you?

Steerpike: You please yourself, why can't I?

His insouciance has outraged her. All of her feelings come to the boil and she attacks him, flailing and scratching his face. He hardly moves and she pulls back, hardly understanding what she's done.

Steerpike: I understand.

Fuchsia: No you don't!

Steerpike: (With great feeling) If I understand anything I understand anger! And that's because I understand what it feels like to be rejected. And don't think I don't understand loneliness too.

Fuchsia: I'm sorry!

She runs at him, arms outstretched. He holds her as she cries. She pulls away slightly and looks up at his bloody, pale, pinched face and is suddenly and instantly repelled. She pushes him away.

Fuchsia: No, no it's horrible! You're horrible! You leave me alone! Never come near me!

He watches her run through the arch of the Graveyard.

Steerpike: I can wait.

He looks up as hears the clock striking midday...

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