Analyze a Scene
Scene 1: The Library Burns
 Int. The library. Night.
Barquentine stands behind the huge table, facing the others.

Barquentine: ... that the owls in the Tower of Flints seek their prey as heretofore. And although against all the usual tradition and log and rhythm of the castle, his Lordship shall speak the matter on his mind.

Groan addresses his assembled family.

Groan: It is for my son, that I rewind the ritual. A breakfast for him. For him. For me. Is it too much to ask? (Barquentine looks angrily away) It shall be done, Master Secretary. I say this day two months..... (Titus screams)

Titus screams.

The library door. Night.

Steerpike locks the library door with a piece of wire and grins....

Ext. The path by the library. Night.

Clarice: Where is he?

Cora: He said to wait here.

Steerpike arrives.

Steerpike: Now.

A match flares, illuminating the mad faces of Clarice and Cora and the twisted length of oil-soaked cloth. They light the cloth. Flames rush along the oil-soaked cloth into the library.

Steerpike: (Urgent whisper) Congratulations, my ladies! You've never been braver or more brilliant!

He pulls them quickly along the path away from the library.

Clarice: Will we get our coaches?

Steerpike: (Pulling them along) Of course, but you must do as I told you....

Cora: Will we get our thrones?

Steerpike: (Pushing them ahead of him) You will have everything! Now go back to your apartments and wait.

Clarice: Servants?

Steerpike: Everything! Now go! At once!

Cora: Everything! Coaches.....!

They run ahead and away into the darkness....

Clarice: Everything! Thrones.....!

Cora: (OOV) Everything! Servants.....!

They've gone. Steerpike looks at the burning rag...
The cloth flames fiercely and disappears in through the wall of the library.

Clarice: (V/O) Everything! Power.....!

Int. The library. Night.
The flames take hold and spread through the Library.
Titus screams and Groan persists.

Groan: As I say Master Secretary...(Titus screams) Nannie Slagg! The child!

Ext. The library door. Night.
Steerpike grins as he sees smoke beginning to curl under the heavy oak door and kneels with his eye to the keyhole.

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