The Theme Music

From its start in 1971, Masterpiece Theatre became recognizable not only for its outstanding dramas, but for its signature theme music as well. This now iconic music was originally written for the court of Louis XV, King of France. The blood-stirring piece by composer Jean-Joseph Mouret (1682-1738), is the first movement of Mouret's "First Suite in D," from his second book of Fanfares for Trumpets, Kettledrums, Violins and Oboes (published in Paris, ca. 1729).

Listen to the original
Masterpiece Theatre theme music

When Masterpiece decided to create a new look for the series, Man Made Music was commissioned to take the original theme and give it a fresh twist for the opening season of Masterpiece classic. The result is an exciting and accessible theme to usher in a new era of Masterpiece. Look for two more new themes to be unveiled in 2008 when we launch Masterpiece mystery! in June and Masterpiece contemporary in October.

Listen to the Masterpiece classic theme music

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