The Masterpiece Trust

The beloved PBS series that ignited America's passion for classic and contemporary tales brought to life through sumptuous scripts, costumes, and sets debuted as Masterpiece Theatre in January 1971, with The First Churchills. In honor of this milestone 40th anniversary, The Masterpiece Trust has been established to help ensure that this iconic and celebrated series will warm the homes of audiences for at least another 40 years. The Trust will create an opportunity for individual donors and families who care deeply about the series to help provide for its future in a substantial way while also supporting their local PBS station.

photo of Rebecca Eaton "Funding of high-quality, first-rate, award-winning drama has become a significant challenge in recent years. We believe that Masterpiece has earned the respect and loyalty of its audience over 40 wonderful years, and hope that our dedicated viewers will help us keep the legacy alive. Your support through the Masterpiece Trust will ensure that our series remains a vital part of the television landscape for years to come."
— Rebecca Eaton

If you are interested in supporting the Masterpiece Trust with a gift of $25,000 or more, please contact: Ellen Frank, Director, The Masterpiece Trust, or 617.300.3809.

A portion of all gifts to to the Masterpiece Trust will support the donor's local PBS station.

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