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Web Links

General Henry James sites

Henry James, from The Cambridge History of English and American Literature
This scholarly work by University of Minnesota Associate Professor Joseph Warren Beach covers the background and career of Henry James, with particular attention to his relationship with his national identity.

Henry James and The Atlantic Monthly
In celebration of the magazine's long relationship with Henry James, The Atlantic Monthly gathered together writings by and about James for his 154th birthday in its April 15, 1997, issue. Content includes the first installment of Portrait of a Lady, personal reminisces about the writer, and a poem dedicated to James.

The Henry James Scholar's Guide to Web Sites
If there is a scholarly Henry James site on the Web, Richard Hathaway has probably found it. Maintained by Hathaway at SUNY-New Paltz, the site contains exhaustive lists of e-texts of James's novels and stories, online writings about James's fiction and the films it inspired, conference announcements, and sites about related writers. Though it has an academic bent, Hathaway's Scholar's Guide is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in learning more about Henry James.

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The James Family

Books and Writers: Henry James
This site provides a short but comprehensive biography of James, touching on his relationship with his family, his travels, and, of course, his extensive body of work. Books and Writers is not limited to American or English-language authors, though; visit the alphabetical index to research an array of writers from all over the globe.

"Illness as Metaphor: Susan Sontag's Alice in Bed"
This review of Susan Sontag's only play offers an insightful, albeit disturbing, portrait of the James family, with special emphasis on the stunted life of Henry James's only sister, Alice. Alice's lifelong battle with physical and mental illness, the review argues, was an expression of her repressive upbringing, and provides the basis for the play.

"Visiting the Emerson Girls"
Casting the James family in a distinctly modern psychological light, Frank Albrecht examines the "nervous" conditions shared by all the members of the James family, in varying degrees of severity.

William James
Emory University Professor Frank Pajares's authoritative and aesthetically pleasing site is the most comprehensive on the Web for all subjects William James. The site contains essays by and about the premier American philosopher and psychologist, as well as links to texts available online and an illustrated chronology of his life.

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E-Texts and Other Writings

Adrian Dover's Henry James Web Site
Dover's aim is not to provide biographical or historical information on Henry James, but to make available James's lesser-known, or at least less available, writings to aficionados and novices alike. Especially strong in stories and plays, Dover's impressive site includes a concordance and advice on which of James's works provide the best introduction to his oeuvre.

The American by Henry James
This unadorned site provides the complete text to Henry James's 1877 novel.

Cornell University Making of America: Henry James
Cornell University has compiled this list of all of Henry James's journal writing -- reviews, short tales, serialized fiction -- from revered 19th-century American literary periodicals, including The Atlantic Monthly, Scribner's, and Harper's. James's bibliography extends for pages. While browsing, be sure to remember that he was credited not only as Henry James, but also H. James Jr. and Henry James Jr. As an added bonus, an essay from his father, Henry James Sr., is also available.

Creative Quotations from Henry James Jr.
This short collection of quotes, from James's correspondences and writings, provides some insight into the personality of the man -- his disdain for America, his sense of humor, and his intelligence.

Henry James: An American Master at Work
Although the images are not perfectly clear, it's worth a visit to this site to see the proofed manuscript pages from one of James's shorter works, "The Jolly Corner," a ghost story considered by some critics to be second only the "The Turn of the Screw." Also included is information on James's place in the sub-genre of the supernatural as well as a history of the publication of this particular story.

William James's The Varieties of Religious Experience
The complete text of William James's groundbreaking study of religion is available at this Web site. Michael E. Nielsen, a professor at Georgia Southern University's Department of Psychology, maintains the site and welcomes discussions and questions from readers.

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General American Literature sites

American Authors on the Web
Mitsuharu Matsuoka's Victorian Web is admired by Victorianists the world over. Matsuoka's American Authors on the Web rightfully deserves the same reputation among fans of American literature. The frequently updated site contains hundreds of links to sites dealing with American authors writing in all genres, from Harriet Beecher Stowe to Joyce Carol Oates. There are several links for Henry James himself, but this site is particularly useful providing an American context for the expatriate's work. The chronological list of authors, which spans 500 years, from pre-colonial to modern times, is exceptional in its thoroughness.

Brief Timeline of American Literature and Events Pre-1620 to 1920
Don't let the title mislead you; there is far more to this site than one brief timeline. This Gonzaga University site strives to provide context for different aspects of American literature: its movements, authors, and historical significance. While much of the specific information about Henry James relies on the New Paltz and Adrian Dover Web sites, this easily navigable site is an excellent source of background on the milieu in which Henry James wrote.

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About the Jameses

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Matthiesesen, F. O. The James Family: A Group Biography. New York: Vintage Books, 1947.

Moore, Harry Thornton. Henry James. London: Thames & Hudson, 1999.

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By the Jameses

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Kuklick, Bruce, ed. William James: Writings 1902-1910: Varieties of Religious Experience/Pragmatism/A Pluralistic Universe/The Meaning of Truth/Some Problems of Philosophy/Essays. New York: Library of America, 1988.

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