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Newman meets the de Bellegardes

Exterior of the de Bellegarde House. Day.

Camera focuses on carriage outside house and pulls away to reveal Christopher. He walks to the front door as the carriage exits.

Interior de Bellegarde House. Dark salon. Day

Camera tracks in on Madame de Bellegarde. She glances right. Intercut with Henri, seated beside Claire.

FX: Knock at door.

The camera tracks back to reveal Valentin reclining on a settee. He turns and draws on a cigar.

FX: Door opens, closes.

Interior, de Bellegarde house. Corridor. Day.

Camera tracks in as Christopher follows Mrs. Bread along the corridor. They stop outside the salon door.

Mrs. Bread: They don't like foreign ways.

The dark salon doors open to reveal Mrs. Bread and Christopher. Mrs. Bread steps aside.

Mrs. Bread: Christopher Newman.

Intercut as Christopher walks across the room to Madame de Bellegarde. They shake hands. She gestures. Christopher steps to Claire and Henri. They shake hands. Henri gestures. Christopher steps left to Valentin. Christopher extends his hand.

Valentin: The American.

Valentin draws on his cigar and shakes Christopher's hand.

Doors close.

In the corridor, Mrs. Bread closes the doors and turns. Camera tracks her as she walks along the corridor.


In the dark salon, Christopher, seated on a settee, stirs his tea. Intercut as he drinks.

Valentin: So then you made your first fortune?

Christopher: I did -- in wash tubs.

Valentin: Wash tubs?

Continue to intercut with Valentin seated on the floor beside Claire and the others.

Christopher: Yes. Soon followed by another fortune.

Valentin: Really?

Christopher: Yes. Bars of soap.

Valentin: White soap?

Christopher: Yellow.

Valentin: In small oblong shapes?

Christopher: No. Flat, round ones.

Valentin: Every time a fortune?

Continue to intercut between them.

Christopher: Yeah. Then I decided to get out of the wash room and invest in railroads. I went out West and laid tracks clean across the prairies. Do you know what it's like to sit in a train and watch the prairies go by?

Henri: Couldn't we leave the prairies a moment and talk about art and books?

Christopher: All right.

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