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Newman and Claire's Romance

Claire: Tell me about America.

Christopher removes playing cards from his pocket.

Christopher: Well... the town where I grew up was changing all the time. The road went past our porch, past a few more houses, then it came to a stop -- right in the middle of nothing. As kids we used to walk out to the end, gaze out, and say, "Wouldn't it be a good idea if we built the road on a bit? Maybe even connect it to the next town?"

Intercut between Christopher and Claire

Christopher: I've got this feeling that you and I should have been together a long time ago. Do you have that feeling? [Pause] And the more I think about it, the more I imagine I've missed great moments. Moments when you and I should have been together. Sitting on my porch, looking at the moonlight. Or you could have bee my partner on Independence Day. We would have danced all night.

Claire: But I wasn't there.

Christopher: It would have made both our lives a lot -- easier, if you had been. Maybe we'd be married now.

Continue to intercut between them.

Christopher: So I've made money. It was a kind of loneliness that I never wanna have again.

He deals cards.

Christopher: Here's an easy one. Cherokee Indian poker.

Christopher holds a card above his head. Claire copies him. They glance at each other's cars. The camera continues to intercut between them.

Claire: Cherokee Indian poker?

Christopher: Bet your two-bit derriere on it.

Claire: You bet my two-bit derriere?

Christopher: Bet my two-bit derriere and throw in my bald granny's glass eyeball.

Claire [Chuckles]: Bet my two-bit derriere and my what?

They lower their cards and then look at them. Claire chuckles.

Christopher: Aw, shucks.

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