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Race, Sex and Housework in the 1930s
Women of color and the "maid of all work"...

According to popular magazines and household manuals of the '30s, middle-class white householders relied on the maid of all work to handle not only the physically hardest tasks (except window-cleaning, usually left to men), but often to work 18-hour days, with no breaks...

The Making of Cora Unashamed
Interviews with the director and screenwriter...

"...As I remember it, we were quite adamant at the beginning that there weren't going to be any flashbacks. Absolutely "We are not going to have flashbacks!" And of course, it became quite abundantly clear that we needed them. So, this is what happens with a story, you just have to get the feel for it. You have an idea and then feel your way through it..."

Langston Hughes: A Biography
Who was Langston Hughes?

While he said he "had a swell time while it lasted," in his autobiography The Big Sea, he never believed [the Harlem Renaissance] was the beginning of racial harmony in the United States. "I don't know what made any Negroes think that -- except that they were mostly intellectuals doing the thinking," he wrote. "The ordinary Negroes hadn't heard of the Negro Renaissance. And if they had, it hadn't raised their wages any."

And How Like a Woman...
The portrayal of women in The Ways of White Folks...

...Hughes's The Ways of White Folks presents numerous black and white women characters, demonstrating the integral role white women play in propagating social and moral racial codes that affect the lives of both black women and men...

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