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Cora Unashamed in the Classroom

Viewing Strategies
Cora Unashamed is 90 minutes long. If you'd like to view it over two or three class periods, consider breaking it up as follows:

Two Periods:
Day 1
approximately 42 minutes
Start: Open
End: Cora meets Mr. Studevant on the stairs, and he says, "She cares more about these things than I do."

Day 2
approximately 48 minutes
Start: Jessie on swing.
End: Film conclusion

Three Periods:
Day 1
approximately 27 minutes
Start: Open
End: Cora smoothing the dirt at Josephine's grave site.

Day 2
approximately 36 minutes
Start: Cora entering the Studevant house after Josephine's funeral.
End: Mrs. Studevant crying, saying to God, "Why are you doing this to me?"

Day 3
approximately 27 minutes
Start: Cora at home ironing. "Nothing's ever good enough for that woman."
End: Film conclusion

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