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Works by L. Hughes [imagemap with 8 links]
Works by Langston Hughes

Reprinted here are four works by Langston Hughes: "Cora Unashamed" and two other short stories from The Ways of White Folks, and the poem "I, Too."

Cora Unashamed

Then Spring came in full bloom, and the fields and orchards at the edge of Melton stretched green and beautiful to the far horizon. Cora remembered her own Spring, twenty years ago, and a great sympathy and pain welled up in her heart for Jessie, who was the same age that Josephine would have been, had she lived...

The Blues I'm Playing

Was it in keeping with genius, she wondered, for Oceola to have a studio full of white and colored people every Saturday night (some of them actually drinking gin from bottles) and dancing to the most tomtom-like music she had ever heard coming out of a grand piano? She wished she could lift Oceola up bodily and take her away from all that, for art's sake...

Father and Son

The Colonel raved. A car shot down the road. The Colonel rushed out, brandishing a cane to stop it. It was Bert. He paid no attention to the old man standing on the steps of the pillared porch waving his stick. Ashen with fury, the Colonel came back into the house and fumbled with his keys at an old chest. Finally, a drawer opened and he took out a pistol....

I, Too

I, too, sing America

I am the darker brother. They send me to eat in the kitchen When company comes...

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