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A Death in the Family
Masterpiece Theatre A Death in the Family
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A Timeline of Agee's World

You can find out more about James Agee's life, in the context of his work and major cultural and world events, in A Timeline of Agee's World.

A Biography of James Agee
A preface to Agee's World, this brief biography gives an overview of the writer's life.

Interactive Flash version of the Agee Timeline
Flash 4 plugin required. You can download the free
Flash plugin from Macromedia's Web site.

Text version of the Agee Timeline
A text-only, printable version of the Timeline

How to use the Timeline:

Resize Instruction
Click and drag the bottom right corner of the window to enlarge the timeline.

Slidebar Instruction
Use the Slidebar to adjust the time period displayed in the timeline.

Timeline Instruction
As you scroll over points on the timeline, you can read more about significant events and, in some cases, view related images.

Major Works Instruction
Or, click on an item in the listing of major events in Agee's life to see it located on the Timeline.

Essays + Interviews:
Life in a Small Southern Town | A Short, Intense Life | Agee's World

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