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A Death in the Family
Masterpiece Theatre A Death in the Family
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Life in a Small Southern Town
Images of Tennessee in the early 1900s

...While downtown Knoxville was a bustling metropolis of about 50,000 people, in 1916 it was still possible to hear the crickets chirping in the evening in Fort Sanders, the center of old time residential Knoxville...

A Short, Intense Life
A biography of James Agee

...Largely autobiographical, Agee's novels are told from the point of view of a young boy. The Morning Watch mirrors his experiences on Good Friday while at boarding school. A Death in the Family, whose protagonist bears Agee's own middle name, Rufus, explores his emotions surrounding his father's sudden death. Tragically, Agee would suffer a shockingly similar fate...

Agee's World
A century of significance

Find out more about James Agee's life, in the context of his work and major cultural and world events, on this Timeline of Agee's World...

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