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A Death in the Family
Masterpiece Theatre A Death in the Family
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Using This Web Site

In addition to Teaching A Death in the Family, these Web features provide valuable information for teachers and students.

Life in a small town
This photo essay looks at the reality of life in the south in the early 20th century. Learn more about the setting of the novel and get a sense of Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1915.

James Agee : a short, intense life
Here you will find a biographical sketch of James Rufus Agee and his literary achievements.

Timeline: Agee's World
This interactive chronology places Agee's life and varied writings -- from journalism to film criticism to screenplays to poetry and autobiographical fiction -- into broader historical context.

Novel to Film
This feature examines a scene from the novel with its matching scene in the screenplay and the actual film. Students can analyze the adaptation and discuss whether/why Agee's writing translates well into film.

Links and Bibliography
Here are additional Web resources and books you may be able to find at the library, for your own background or for student research projects.

Who's Who
Read this to find out which actors play which roles in the film, and other movies they have starred in.

The Forum
Let students share their thoughts about A Death in the Family with other viewers and readers here.

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